andrew ho, photographer
andrew ho, photographer
san francisco wedding + portrait photographer


"About me" pages are silly. Even the most one-dimensional person in the world couldn't sum up everything I should know about them in three tiny paragraphs. It's a weirdly self-selected one-way conversation where, without any context, I tell you facts to try and create a grand, artistic, artisnal-but-not-too-artisnal image of really take this page with a grain (satoshi?) of salt.


That being said, some facts: I'm based out of San Francisco but will more than happily travel anywhere in the world. I have a really hard time keeping shoes on. My camp names are Turtle and Barefoot. My new year's resolution (for the third year running) is to perfect the press handstand. I hate about-me's but will definitely ask you for your four-minute life story when I meet you. Come prepared. :-)


I think cameras have the incredible ability to snapshot bits of the human experience with a stillness and permanence so different and unique from words or movies. 

At the same time, cameras are on the back of every phone. Photos now have an equally incredible ability to be curated vessels of status and vanity, a visual reminder of haves vs. have-nots.

I want my photographs to be the former, to not fulfill empty prompts. True moments of significance are rarely perfectly lit or carefully posed - I want to tell stories that are genuine, vulnerable, and true.

If that vibes with you, let's talk, photography or otherwise!