andrew ho, photographer
andrew ho, photographer
san francisco wedding + portrait photographer

17% in 2017

I originally became interested in photography because I wanted to take nice pictures of food.

Back when I was busy taking photos of pizza bagels and fancy donuts, I didn't expact that photography would (accidentally) monetize into a small business. Still, every time I head to a photo gig, I'm amazed that I get paid to hang out with people, to witness and capture milestones in their lives. It's a huge honor.

For a while, money photography allowed me to afford San Francisco rent. Now that I'm able to save for myself, I'd like to use photography to help support organizations working for a more equitable world.

For every photoshoot in 2017, I'll donate 17% of net proceeds to your choice of the following:


(Also -- if you're a mission-driven organization that needs a content photographer, feel free to reach out. I'll travel in a heartbeat).